InZen Music in its simplest form is the creative musical works of Austin Chappell. The Music - Inzen - and the Studio - Inzen Music.


With several years experience, Inzen Music has grown from an idea to a mid-sized recording studio capable of handling anything from single acoustic sessions and vocal overlays, to full blown band tracking, mixing and mastering.

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Why Choose Inzen?

Superior sound, relaxed easy-going environment, reasonable rates, all guided by a working musician that knows exactly what you're looking for. From Death Metal to Rock to Rap, Inzen Music can handle it all. But don't just take our word for it... view our testimonials!


Zen & The Art of Music

So why the name Inzen? It's a state of mind. When I am making music I get into this kind of trance, a euphoric state that is indescribable. It's a true state of inner peace where all is right in the world. When I am in this "Zen" state, nothing can interupt the art.

I bring this philosopy to everything I do, especially recording, be it for myself or for other individuals or bands, everyone gets my undivided attention and I don't rest until the sound is exactly what you're looking for and what is best for the music at hand.

Austin Chappell - Founder & CEO

Clients Testimonials

Austin recorded our EP and I have to say it couldn't have went smoother. Even when I called in the small hours he was eager to make the changes requested and quickly sent us the new samples. A pleasure to work with I would recommend him to anyone - and I do!
Alex Brumm, After Life

It was really awesome to record with Austin! It was a perfect space to get in the zone, or in this case " Zen". Austin is an understanding musician - even from a vocalist point of view.
Matt Chepetto, Enter Euphoria

We had a blast recording our EP and are coming back to record more songs as we speak!
Wade Yarrow, After Life

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