A short history about Inzen Music, Our start & Development


Introduction - how it began

Austin Chappell began taking piano lessons at the age of eight - with ambition and practice he quickly learned to read music and excellerated to an intermediate level in just 2 years. At the age of 10 he was given his first guitar and while he still plays piano had discovered that guitar was his true instrument. Having a father who plays guitar and a mother who played drums was pretty much a guarantee that music was in his DNA.

From a young age Austin was facinated with computers just as most kids are today, and by the age of 11 it went beyond simple gaming and entertainment for him. He would spend hours researching songs and finding tablature and learning and practicing those songs until they were perfect. (Just have a look at the youtube channel for some of his early videos). With learning the songs came the search to replicate the tone which in turn led to researching what others were doing with software and equipment beyond a simple amp and distortion pedal.

Inzen Today

Fast forward many years to today and I guess you can say that the dedication, experience and practice has paid off. Not only does Austin play at honours level in Jazz and Concert Bands but the education gained in the class room for audio engineering has strengthened his ability to record, produce and master from his own studio.

With a grass roots approach, introducing himself to bands at his concerts and contacting potential work through social media the studio is expanding daily. If you're interested in speaking about your upcoming project don't hesitate to get in touch with Inzen Music.

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