After Life

After Life ~ Bottoms Up EP

About the Album

After Life features:

  • Kirk Bradley - Drums
    Andy Ford - Bass
    Wade Yarrow - Guitar
    Brandon Popert - Guitar
    Alex Brumm - Vocals

After Life was originally founded in 2002 as a metal/hardcore band under the lead of Wade Yarrow. Through the years they went through a few line up changes nothing they couldn't overcome.

Now four years in the making After Life is back! With all recording, mixing and mastering performed at InZen Music by Austin Chappell.

After Life were an absolute riot to record, we instanly got along and have formed a strong friendship from the first meeting. From Alex's non-stop pacing and extreme energy to Wade's infections grin and humour, to Kirk's constant laughter and desire to get the drums "just right" - really just a pleasure to record them!

The After Life album can be found on the InZen Music page for download - check it out: After LIfe ~ Bottoms Up

Album Released Jun 18 2012

Music by After Life
Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered by Austin Chappell at InZen Music

© 2012 After Life. All Rights Reserved.

Copyright 2012 Inzen Music. All Rights Reserved.