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Intelligence Lost represents a departure from my musical comfort zone. For this album I experimented more with tuning, softer styles of music, three different bass tracks in a few songs - really pushing the typical formula for songwriting. Even the albums name pushes to explore the idea behind the dumbing down of our society, emoticons replacing speech patterns, and the increasing need for electronics in our day to day lives, leaving little to our own intelligence.

I hope you enjoy the album, it's available for download on my bandcamp page.

Released October 2, 2012

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About the Album

Into The Sky was the first full album I've written and recorded. The work spanned several years of audio I had been working on and I had finally gotten it into a package I was happy with.

This album proved to be a huge learning curve for me in terms of audio production as my technology kept changing and new equipment was continually being added to my studio. Even today I have aspirations to re-record all of it, ah the life of a perfectionist - never satisfied with your own work!

The theme of this album was to mix elements of rock and metal, and as well, create really ethereal vibes. It features a lot of synth pads and slow, to mid-tempo grooves. As a solo project, I played all of the instruments myself with the exception of the last track on the album which features my cousin, Dakota Harfman, on vocals. Dakota is also the lead singer in my collaborative project, Dead 3 Days.

I hope you enjoy the album, it's available for download on my bandcamp page.

Released Dec 16 2010

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